​Ph.D. Student / Early-Stage Researcher (ESR)

15 available positions

15 Ph.D. Student / Early-Stage Researcher (ESR) positions


The European Training Network "STIMULUS" offers 15 full-time positions for early-stage researchers (ESRs) aiming for a Ph.D. Applicants are expected to start between February and May 2021.  The H2020-funded project is part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie International Training Network (ITN) of the European Commission. 

You will be employed by one of STIMULUS 9 academic and industrial beneficiaries and work with 8 additional partner organisations. Our consortium members come from the academic, industrial, and government sectors in 6 countries: Germany, UK, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Our goal is to provide you with a top transdisciplinary Ph.D. education, combining the best that biologists, chemists, engineers, materials scientists, biotechnologists, clinicians, policymakers, and entrepreneurs have to offer. You will become uniquely equipped to be a future research leader in healthcare-related materials science.

Research and tasks

Your research will provide technological solutions to the growing problem of healthcare-associated infections. Increasing antibiotic resistance means that current medical approaches rapidly become unsustainable. STIMULUS will create medical devices that signal when an infection is present and thereby reduce the unnecessary prescription of antibiotics. Potent novel and existing antibiotics will be released by built-in triggers in wound dressings to treat infections exactly when and where it is needed. Taking these technologies from fundamental research to prototypes with our industrial partners will be the crowning achievement of your training.

Besides working on their home institutions' project, the researchers will participate in network-wide training events all around Europe. Every ESR will perform at least one long secondment with another consortium member, combining academic and industrial experiences.


Apply to our diverse positions if you:

are prepared to work in a new country, and will have received a master's or equivalent degree at the latest by May 2021  in one of the following fields:

  • physics

  • materials science,

  • chemistry

  • chemical engineering,

  • biochemical engineering,

  • biotechnology,

  • biology,

  • biochemistry,

  • or a cognate discipline (the qualifying degree).

We especially encourage applications from underrepresented and disadvantaged groups.

Available positions:

Ph.D. Student Position (m/f/d) - BOKU, Vienna

Studying bacteria-wound dressing interactions with holographic imaging and cytometry

Ph.D. Student Position (m/f/d) - BOKU, Vienna

Magnetically triggered drug nanocapsules in hydrogels

Early Stage Researcher (m/f/d) - Universität Siegen

Novel polymeric coatings for localizing and eradicating bacterial biofilms in wound dressings via light-triggered reactions

Early Stage Researcher (m/f/d) - Universität Siegen

Synthesis of responsive polymers for hydrogel coatings loaded with diagnostic - therapeutic agents