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​KOÇ  University


Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Koç University was founded in 1993 as a non-profit private and is now one of the leading universities in Turkey, with an emphasis on science, engineering and medicine. KWORKS (Koç University Entrepreneurship Research Center) is one of the top accelerator programs and incubation centers of Turkey since its inception in 2014. It offers four main types of accelerator programs. KWORKS pre-accelerator and accelerator help technology-based startups validate and grow their business.


and Principal Investigator


Prof. Sedat Nizamoglu

Sedat Nizamoglu received his B.S. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) in 2005, and M. S. degree in Physics as a Valedictorian in 2007 at Bilkent University. He pursued his Ph.D. studies in EEE at Bilkent University focusing on novel solid-state lighting technologies with an emphasis on quantum dot (nanophosphors) integrated light-emitting diodes. Immediately after graduation, he continued as a research fellow with a joint affiliation with Harvard Medical School and Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital in USA. He actively engaged in the multidisciplinary research projects integrating biology, medicine and engineering. He worked on new optical and photonic technologies for medicine including biocompatible and bioabsorbable optical implants, biological single cell and biomaterial lasers.

He was awarded with Bullock-Wellman Fellowship by the Committee of Harvard-MIT, Photonics21 Student Innovation Award by European Technology Platform, IEEE Photonics Society Graduate Student Fellowship and SPIE Scholarship in Optical Science and Engineering. He is a member of the professional societies of OSA, IEEE, and SPIE and he is also serving to the scientific community as a reviewer of Optics Letters, Applied Physics Letters, Advanced Materials, etc.

He has published over 120 research articles in major peer-reviewed scientific journals (over 60) and conferences (over 60), and he has currently holding four patents. His current scientific research interests include biophotonics, optoelectronics, photomedicine and nanophotonics.

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