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University of Bath

Department of Chemistry

The University of Bath is one of the leading research-intensive universities in the United Kingdom. We have a cutting edge material and chemical characterization suite, MC2, with essential electron microscopes, confocal laser scanning, Raman and scanning probe microscopes and flow cytometers. The laboratory of Jenkins is equipped for microbiology testing, with class 2 microbial containment facilities, microscopy, incubators, autoclaves, -80 C freezer and a large library of clinical bacterial isolates.


and Principal Investigators


Prof. Petra Cameron

Petra Cameron did her first degree in chemistry at the University of Edinburgh (1996-2001). She then went on to do a PhD in dye sensitized solar cells at the University of Bath (2001-2004). Following graduation she spent two years as an Alexander Von Humboldt research fellow at the Max Plank Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz, Germany, before returning to Bath as an RCUK research fellow in 2007. She became a tenured lecturer in 2012 and a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in 2014. In 2009 she was awarded the Harrison-Meldola prize from the Royal Society of Chemistry for her work on solar cells. She has published papers with collaborators from the UK as well as international collaborators from ten countries spanning Europe, North and South America, New Zealand and China.

Prof. Toby Jenkins

"The overall theme of my research is developing materials for diagnosis and treatment of bacterial infection. In particular point of care diagnostics, antimicrobial delivery systems and new therapeutic moieties (phage, lysins, plasma etc.).

We work closely with clinicians, especially the burns team at the Royal Bristol Hospital for Children, with whom we are developing an infection detecting wound dressing. We are also interested in other acute wounds, chronic wounds, skin and urinary tract infections.

In the research group we have material scientists, engineers, chemists and microbiologists. We are focused on trying to solve real clinical problems."

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The STIMULUS researchers in Bath


Céline Feuilloley

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Emelie Alsheim

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