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Public Health England (PHE)

National Infection Service, Porton Down

National Infection Service, Porton Down

PHE has reference and surveillance functions, together with regional Microbiology Network laboratories linked to NHS trusts. The facility at Porton Down specialises in translational research, focussed on high containment / high consequence bacterial and viral pathogens, including development and evaluation of interventions including novel diagnostics, therapeutics/prophylactics, applied infection control (e.g., wound dressings) and decon products.

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Scientific Leader 

Mark Sutton.JPG

Mark Sutton

Dr Sutton became a Scientific Leader for Healthcare Biotechnology in 2009 and manages the Technology Development Group, an interdisciplinary research group within PHE’s National Infections Service. The group focusses on developing and evaluating new interventions for the treatment of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) and antimicrobial resistance. The group developed models to assess applied infection control methods (decontamination, disinfection) and to evaluate new antimicrobial agents, working with a number of chemistry, pharmacy, physical science, electrical engineering and microbiology groups worldwide.

The STIMULUS researcher at the PHE

Nazneen Manzoor

Nazneen Manzoor

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