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​Ph.D. vacancies : All positions filled!
A short overview of our researchers and projects


​All the full-time positions for early-stage researchers (ESRs) offered by the European Training Network "STIMULUS" could be filled and all of the students were finally able to join their research group in one of the member countries of the Consortium.

We would like to celebrate the end of the recruiting phase introducing our Ph.D. students,

to whom we wish all the best for their research success.

Research and tasks

The research groups will provide technological solutions to the growing problem of healthcare-associated infections. Increasing antibiotic resistance means that current medical approaches rapidly become unsustainable. STIMULUS will create medical devices that signal when an infection is present and thereby reduce the unnecessary prescription of antibiotics. Potent novel and existing antibiotics will be released by built-in triggers in wound dressings to treat infections exactly when and where it is needed. Taking these technologies from fundamental research to prototypes with our industrial partners will be the crowning achievement of the training.

Ph.D Positions

Our projects and researchers

ESR 1 - Giacomo Chizzola, BOKU, Vienna

Magnetically triggered drug nanocapsules in hydrogels

ESR 2 - Bhavana Sathish, BOKU, Vienna

Studying bacteria-wound dressing interactions with holographic imaging and cytometry

ESR 3 - Céline Feuilloley  - University of Bath, UK

Stimuli-responsive hydrogels for the detection of bacteria

ESR 4 - Emelie Alsheim - University of Bath, UK

Applied Microbiology for Pre-natal Infection Detection

ESR 5 - Nicola Cusick - School of Science and Technology, University of Siegen, Germany

Novel polymeric coatings for localizing and eradicating bacterial biofilms in wound dressings via light-triggered reactions


ESR 6 - Muhammad Atif - University of Siegen, Germany

Synthesis and testing of polymers and hydrogels with biofilm models

ESR 7 - Mohadeseh Bagherabadi - Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

Multifunctional mesopores in the context of wound dressings

ESR 8 - Liam Hallinan - Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

Macromolecular Chemistry And Paper Chemistry

ESR 9 - Muhammad Hassnain - Dept. of Material Science and Engineering, KOÇ University, Turkey

PhD in Material Science/Electrical Engineering/Bioengineering

ESR 10 - Saad Ullah Khan - KOÇ University, Turkey

PhD in Material Science/Electrical Engineering/Bioengineering

ESR 11 - Nazneen Manzoor - Public Health England, UK

Imaging, understanding, and attacking multi-drug resistant biofilms

ESR 12 - Nora Bastida Agote - Paul Hartmann AG, Germany

Wound Management

ESR 13 - Aswathi Syam - ATTO-TEC GmbH, Germany

Development of Novel Fluorescent Dyes for Therapeutic-Diagnostic coatings


ESR 14 - Gizem Babuççu - Amsterdam UMC - AMC, the Netherlands

In vitro and ex vivo evaluation of diagnostic and antimicrobial capacity of smart triggered relase systems for medical devices

ESR 15 - Nikitha Valvithota - Amsterdam UMC - AMC, the Netherlands

Efficacy of diagnostic and antimicrobial capacity of smart triggered release systems for medical devices in vivo

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